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Culture of Assam by community :: Mising culture

The Misings are an indigenous community inhabiting in the parts of the Indian states of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh who were of Mongoloid origin. They were also known as Miris in the past and still recognized as Miris in the Constitution of India. Miri is the older name and traces back to the ancestor Abotani. Misings are recognised as a

Culture of Assam by community :: Boro culture

Boro culture: Boro culture is the culture of the Boro people in Assam. For long, Boros have been farmers living in an agriculturist community with a strong tradition of fishery, poultry, piggery, with rice and jute cultivation, and betel nut plantation. They make their own clothing from scratch, such as traditional attires. In recent decades, Boros are influenced by recent social